What’s up for 2010?

Well, the season hath ended in a most peculiar and nefarious manner, eh, wot?
I mean, who would have expected that BOTH Wagner AND  Papelbon would have melt downs in successive innings and that the season would end with a momentous and resounding CRASH!
Putting Ramon Ramirez in Game 1 (or was it 2) 
was asking for trouble and that’s what we got.
And where the hell were the bats in Games #1 & #2?  Ye, Gods!
Well, truth be told, I have always believed and preached that Good Pitching will win over Good Hitting every time.  That’s “Good Pitching,” not simply “Good Pitchers.”  A “Good Pitcher” can have an off day just as readily as a mediocre pitcher can have a great day.  Result?  What we observed in Games 1 & 2.    
Ah, well.  Our boys gave us a great season, a lot to smile and cheer about.  And the MFY’s did spend nearly a half a Billion dollars acquiring C.C., A.J., and that moron now playing First Base for them. 
So, what happens now, in our off-season?  I have no idea what WILL happen, I just have some ideas about what I’d like to see happen.
My “Keepers” are, position players-starters: V-Mart; Pedroia; Gonzalez; Youkilis; Bay, Ellsbury, Drew; position players, bench: Kotchman; Lowrie; and maybe Green; Pitchers, starters: Beckett; Bowden; Buchholz; Lester; Dice-K; relievers: Bard and Okajima.  That leaves us short 5 relievers whom I would imagine we can get in trade/F.A./the Farm System (Tazawa?)
I’d like to dump the following (only because I don’t think they’ll bring anyone worth anything in a trade, not even as “a player to be named later”): Paul Byrd (he’ll be another year older, don’t forget, 40!); Tim Wakefield (ditto, 44); Saito (40); Billy Wagner (sorry, thanks for the help, until Game 3, but, 39!);
And, as painful as it may be for me to “say” this, Varitek is on the bubble.  If he exercises his option, get what we can from some team hurting for catchers, or keep him, I guess, if we can’t get Maura.  Then there are Baldelli, Lowell, and Gathright that can go if we can improve on them via trade, or, if not, they can stay.
I’d like to see the following on the trading block (only because I think we get some players/pitchers worth something in return): Jonathan Papelbon (yup, he’s done, as far as I am concerned and we can turn the “Closer” role over to Bard), Ramon Ramirez, Dusty Brown, George Kotaras, Nick Green, Casey Kotchman (see above), and David Ortiz.  Yup.  I’ve had it with Papi and if we’re going to try to trade him, the sooner we do so, the better.
Starting Pitchers I’d like to see us get: Felix Hernandez and Roy Halladay (giving up either or both Dice-K or Bowden); Relievers: Francisco Rodriquez; Kerry Wood; Jeff Niemann (starts and relieves); Jorge De La Rosa (ditto); and Heath Bell.  I’m not even sure any of these guys are available or if there are better candidates who are available.
And, lastly, sell the farm, rob a bank, knock off an armored truck, kidnap an heiress, steal the crown jewels, do what ever it takes to get (not only K-Rod and Halladay, but also) Joe Mauer (C), and Justin Morneau (1B).  (I mean, if we want to “Keep up with the Joneses [MFY]” we need to open the coffers and get serious, because if we don’t, the MFY will surely start another of their gd dynasties, this time sans steroids.  And don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Teixeira or Burnett at all, period.  C.C.?  Maybe.) 
Those moves would give us a starting line-up of:
Batting   Name                      Position
     1        Jacoby Ellsbury          CF
     2        Dustin Pedroia            2B
     3        Victor Martinez          C/DH 
     4        Kevin Youkilis             3B
     5        Justin Morneau           1B
     6        Jason Bay (?*)             LF
     7        Joe Mauer                   DH/C
     8        J.D. Drew                     RF
     9        Alex Gonzales              SS
*I have really enjoyed Bay’s being a Red Sox.  However, if he keeps making noises as he has been lately, he can go back to Pittsburgh or where ever and we can replace him with Josh Reddick if no one else is available.
I know.  Well, I can dream, right?
Okay, enough ranting/dreaming, lol.  Thanks for “listening.”